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Wi-Fi hotspot for Windows 7 64 Bit,32 Bit

Wi-Fi hotspot for windows 7 64 bit,32bit is really a super easy make use of best solution to make your notebook or laptop in to a transferrable Wi-Fi hotspot. Without any wire share your web connections including Bluetooth, Mobile Broadband Card, DSL, Cable, Dial-Up, via built-in wireless card. Designers design many for all recent Wi-Fi client devices for example Smart Phone, Laptop, iPhone, iPod Touch, Zune, Netbook, Android Phone, wireless printer in addition to much more.

You don’t must buy new hardware from store just click on button and have a Wi-Fi Router. Further set the hotspot ID (SSID), Wi-Fi hotspot for Windows 7 64 Bit password at the same time connections you want simply select one of these. This software contain lots off features likewise as tools that gives you a clear take a look at the connection information, operations that happen to be performed, the settings altered as well as the running status in the report window.


One of the most effective and important feature of miracle traffic bot is so it include capability to customize your SSID (Service Set Identification) so with the help of the feature name your hotspot whatever you decide and need and put in a password for protection using WPA2 to maintain freeloaders out. Entire the entire process of connection is just not difficult with just in single click of mouse easily share internet out of your windows 8 or windows 7 devices to cell phone and considerably more.


Key Features of Wi-Fi hotspot for windows 7 32 bit:

Avoid Cheats for expensive Connections.
Efficiently Turn your PC to a Wi-Fi Hotspot.
Link Connected Devices to Your Home Network.
Quickly share the Internet with each of your devices.
Its Wi-Fi Repeater Mode instantly Boosts your Range.
And considerably more…

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