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Rewind v1.0.0 APK

From the award-winning studio Dreamkind, comes the tale of the Rewind!

Unravel the mysteries on the Rewind in this particular suspenseful narrative expertise in which facts are on trial. When Commander Kole Zamon is captured by those he terrorized, they are put on trial for crimes against humanity. But the Commander’s crimes aren’t the only thing on trial. His love for his daughter is tested. His loyalties are challenged. His religious beliefs these are known as into question. Beneath the surface of this Rewind – this mysterious trial – lurks a whole lot of intrigue, a global that needs to be uncovered. In an ever-unfolding plot that twists and turns, the technique to truth need to be found.

The Story
Rewind can be a post-apocalyptic story of two races divided by way of a massive wall. This divide is maintained by not only steel and stone. The Deks control the Abors by humiliating them. Children are extracted from their parents. Genetic tests are finished. Citizens are sacrificed within the name of “progress.” Commander Zamon just isn’t innocent. But, whether he’s guilty is surely an entirely different question.

The Game
Rewind is often a story-based game with unique word and number puzzles. Throughout the Rewind, you will need to explore rooms, while gathering specifics of Commander Zamon’s past. You decipher documents. Analyze texts. Decode encrypted words. Solve number patterns. Follow maps and gather clues ultimately causing new information.
You cross a story of two races torn apart by distrust and hatred. You must read and put together their shared story, while unearthing the dignity that exists at night wall.