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How to Install Kali Linux on a USB Drive

How to Install Kali Linux with a USB Drive Previously i posted helpful information on How to Install Kali Linux inside Windows. As for today, i’m gonna show you the alternate approach to install Kali Linux.

What happen is always that when you boot within the USB into your Live session, to make changes to the device, like download information, run the computer update, install a questionnaire etc, your details will be saved for the reserved space inside the USB drive. Data trapped in this reserved space won’t be deleted whenever you shut down the live session. The next time you boot to the live session, yourrrre still able to access and retrieve the information.


Advantages of Data persistency in Live Session

The main good thing about a Live USB is the fact it doesn’t require a lot of space for storage. You can easily make a Live USB with data persistency having a 2GB USB drive while the full installation requires at least 8GB of storage area.
A Live USB is configured to own on nearly all desktops and has now a great compatibility with some other hardware. If you want to test the Linux distro on various computers, utilizing a Live USB with data persistency is the best solution to do it.
Disadvantages of Persistent Live USB

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