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Typing tutor was the only educational program and tool few years ago, ever since the technology went straight up software become more complex and innovative. Educational software not only come for windows, mac and Linux they also comes for your smartphones. Similarly Osmo is an educational application that not only help you learn, it also interacts with real objects. Many users of Osmo bought it from crowd funding.

Some I.T related universities also provide education tools to help their students learn better, universities like Western Governors University WGU and Strayer help students get the innovative apps to enhance their learning experience.

Osmo, the innovative learning tool


Talking about the educational program Osmo, what’s cool about this that it combines the best of screen time with physical objects? This app runs in your tablet, but it can detects little shapes and letters that it comes with. You put down in front of your phone and Osmo will actually have those things appear on screen. You kind of get the best of both worlds, you get the immediate feedback while manipulating the real physical object, which is pretty cool. let’s see what this is all about, it has a little base stand in a box to put your phone on it, it also got a little mirror that you put on the rear camera, and you boot it up and load one of the apps.

Newton and Tangram:


Osmo is not a single software, it is a basic setup and includes several educational apps in it, let’s discuss these apps and that they can do. Newton doesn’t use the shapes that come with it, because you are going to make your own shapes, what we got here is a little ball that is falling from the top of the screen and whatever you put in front of the iPad it will pret5tymuch put into the screen. Balls falling down will interact with the lines. It is recommended to use the blank piece of paper because things like wooden table or marble tile throw it off.


Next educational tool Osmo provides is called Words. To use this app you need physical objects included in Osmo package, these ae called letter tiles. It is pretty cool you pop the letter down and it try to spell it, if you put the incorrect letter it will put in the wrong category. The problem is if you put two letters down from both teams at the same time it just arbitrarily figures out who gets the score. The technology is innovative but as far the game is concerned as an educational stand point it doesn’t show any value beyond the gee-whiz factor having a letter being detected by your smartphone.


The next educational software and tool provided by Osmo for your smartphone is called Tangram. What you do is put the shapes down and as you start building your structure, it will tell you if you got the right thing in the right place, which is pretty cool. You can ask for hints, this is probably the best app in the Osmo collection because it has a little bit challenge to it, and you can really spend a lot of time trying to figure out this out, great for kids who want a good puzzle play, and people do like the fact that their vision of having 3d object in a rack on table with something on screen is really best realized through Tangram.

Duolingo’s services to students


Let’s talk about something other than Osmo, as you can see there are hundreds of educational programs out there, but only the few ones really help you learn something. When it comes to learning there is no better education tool than Duolingo. Number one application for your Winnows and smartphone, and many universities like this app, universities like WGU and Strayer which are based on keeping their students get the best out of technology. Duolingo is a language learning and improvement game, it uses the approach that called doing and learning, there are no explicit lessons. It is a free source, its excellent and motivating. But it is not the only thing that you should use, one of the biggest problems with language learning is that people give up. It needs consistency, if you want your skills to keep progressively improving.

Google Keep and FlipBoard


Google Keep falls in the category of education application, it is built for everyone who needs to write and take notes. It is a note taking application, you can add sticky notes, or make reminders and so on. Google keep is very helpful, it lets you organize yourself and organize your work to make your work faster and better. Flipboard is another educational application you can download on your mobile. It will help you in many ways especially if you are researching. The interface is great, you have various sections, technology, cover stories, designs, photography, travel, food and so on. It increases your general knowledge and you get to know what’s happening around you. Just keep flipping the topic for next topic. Innovative universities also provide education tools to help their students learn better, universities like Western Governors University WGU and Strayer help students get the innovative apps to enhance their learning experience.


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