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Download Windows 8 Extreme Edition R2 x64 Full Version

Full Version

Download Windows 8 Extreme Edition R2 x64 is usually a powerful windows based pc developed by Microsoft. It’s the most up-to-date operating system developed after through the windows 7 main system. Developers develop this main system with plenty of improvements that aims to say the same buyer after its previous edition. Many users around the world are utilizing this powerful windows based pc. You can easily use this computer on all devices like laptop, computer, tablets, cell phones etc.
This os comes with numerous changes after windows 7 os so one on the best changes is related to the Start Screen which replaces the Start Menu completely. With the help of start menu option it is possible to access the installed application in your device. Modern UI also included which shows a vertical toolbar on the right side from the screen, permitting individuals to share the top data, easily open the Control Panel in addition to access the facility options.
Another improvement of Windows 8 Extreme Edition R2 32 bit is its faster boot mode that depending on well-known technology named UEFI. That’s is only going to activate on PCs with particular hardware. Several users either professional or home users are employing this windows based pc due to it run much faster on the system when compared with other windows based pc. It’s made available in multiple versions.

Key Features of Windows 8 Extreme Edition 64bit:

Fully advanced WinPE boot menu for quick setup.
Comprised Utilities for troubleshooting purpose.
TuneUP Utilities can also be included for tuning computer.
Comprised sidebar with a lot of handy gadgets.
Updated with modern hotfixes together with patches.
No should its activation take advantage of the free genuine windows.

Full Version

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